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March 2018

Euractiv – The unbearable lightness of Brexit delusions (OpEd)

February 2018

EuronewsBrussels to announce presidential candidacy process (Comment)

EUobserverGerman coalition talks drag on (Quote)

EuronewsEU: a transnational list for 2019?

January 2018

Daily Telegraph – (Quote)

September 2017

EuractivThe time is right for a stronger monetary union – with everyone on board (OpEd)

March 2017

With the 2019 European elections fast approaching, CSOs are gathering to assess what the European Parliament has achieved in this term and what remains to be done for 2019. The On Our Watch project was launched by the European Movement International, European Youth Forum and IHECS School of Journalism and Communication to analyse how MEPs have worked on key issues. We aim to inform citizens and offer a platform for organisations to have their say on the EP’s work in their areas of expertise.

Euractiv – European elections: Careful what you promise, citizens are watching

Conflicts are flaring up in the Western Balkans, jeopardising not only regional relations but also the European integration process of many of the (potential) candidate countries. These recent developments have exposed the fragility of democratic systems in the region.

Mkd News – Peace and stability in the Western Balkans requires the full involvement of the EU

Dnevnik.baThe preservation of peace and stability in the Balkans requires the full participation of the EU

Danas European movements: The participation of the EU in the Balkans is necessary

Vijesti.ba The preservation of peace and stability in the Balkans requires EU’s full participation

Blic The possibility of conflict in the Western Balkans threatens not only the relations in the region, but also the process of European integration of many candidate countries

Informativa Preserving peace and stability in the Balkans requires the involvement of the EU 

FENA The preservation of peace and stability int he Balkans requires full participation of EU

Peace and stability in the Western Balkans requires the full involvement of the EU

Civil society organisations and trade unions have signed the joint statement ‘The Europe we want: Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive’. This statement has been instigated by WWF on behalf of the Green 10, ETUC, CONCORD, European Movement International, European Women’s Lobby and European Youth Forum. The document calls on EU leaders to show leadership, vision and courage to set Europe on the path to a sustainable future which realises the rights of all people and respects planetary boundaries.

Euractiv – The Europe we want: Fair, sustainable, democratic and inclusive

Il Fatto Quotidiano – L’appello di sindacati e Wwf: “Serve un’Ue con più democrazia”

L’ObsJacques Delors: “Construire une Europe juste, durable, démocratique et inclusive” 

Goele Janssen, Director of the European Movement Belgium, argues that Juncker has made the right call in proposing five different scenarios for the future of the EU, as it avoids a simple for/against discussion. She sees the need for a new European narrative, written by its citizens:

Le Vif‘Quo Vadis Europa’

Knack – ‘Zonder wervend verhaal lijkt Europa voor velen in het beste geval een lege doos’

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the members of the Honorary Council of the European Movement International, take the opportunity not only to reflect on what has been achieved, but to look forward and lay out a positive vision for the future of the European Union in times of turmoil:

The Irish Times – Former leaders urge ‘bold actions’ for future of EU

El Mundo Por una UE justa, segura, sostenible e incluyente

Huffington Post Nous demandons aux dirigeants européens de se ressaisir pour offrir une vision politique claire à l’Europe

Die Presse  EU braucht positive Vision 

WyborczaWizja Unii Europejskiej w czasach zametu – oswiadeczenie Ruchu Europejskiego

January 2017

Sky NewsAll Out Politics

Jo Leinen MEP argues for the need to give British citizens a final say on any final deal that the UK makes with the EU, and talks about the opportunities open to the UK during the Brexit negotiations.

Sustain EuropeClimate Action as a European Responsibility

Jo Leinen MEP, President of the European Movement International, writes about the importance of engaging citizens in a dialogue on ecologically sustainable development.

  • If you cannot access the magazine online, you can find the full article here.

December 2016

EU Observer – Rising to the challenge of ‘European Angst’

Ahead of the European Angst Conference, Alex Godson discusses the rise of populist ideals in contemporary political narratives, and in the media we consume on a daily basis.

Beppe Severgnini, one of the conference moderators, also discusses the place of memory in overcoming populist political tendencies here.

politik & kommunikation  – Brüssel: Lobbying ohne Hinter­zimmer

Christian Wenning, Board member of the European Movement International, discusses the world of ‘backroom lobbying’ in Brussels.

The Women of Europe Awards was organised by the European Movement International alongside the European Women’s Lobby. In its first edition this year, the Awards honoured Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, with the accolade of ‘Woman in Power’, and Adela Ionela Dinu as its women’s rights activist champion. You can read background to this event here and find the press clippings below:

RTBFLe prix Women of Europe récompense la commissaire européenne Margrethe Vestager

EurActiv – Vestager: Men have had informal quotas for hundreds of years

This story is also featured in the following publications in:

FRENCH: RTL Info  Skynet  l’avenir  BRUZZ   Belga  DH.be  LaLibre Metro bx1

DUTCH: Skynet  HLN.be  Belga  DeMorgen  Metro

ROMANIAN: Impact Press  TIMIS online  Banatulazi  Telegrafonline  EVZ

DANISH: DenOffentlige.dk

November 2016

EurActivBalkan candidates hope to reinvigorate EU bids with new strategy

A new Advocacy Strategy for the EU Integration of the Western Balkans, calling for Balkan enlargement to be reprioritised, has been put together by the European Movement International and a number of think tanks.

EurActivTired of the founding fathers? Let’s celebrate the women building Europe

Ahead of the Women of Europe Awards, organised jointly by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, Petros Fassoulas and Joanna Maycock discuss making gender equality a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable Europe.

October 2016

EurActiv – A budget that connects citizens with the EU

Increasing the bloc’s revenue with own resources and strengthening the link between policy goals and spending would make the EU more dynamic and more relevant to its citizens, writes Petros Fassoulas.

EurActivCrafting a way forward for the European Union

Petros Fassoulas writes about specific proposals that can help rebuild trust in the European project, as well as forge a new path that better reflects citizens’ voices and concerns.

September 2016

World Commerce ReviewA roadmap for a post-Brexit EU

Petros Fassoulas reflects on a summer of turmoil in EU decision-making, and projects a vision of what a future EU can do both to religitimise itself in the eyes of citizens and to create coherent policies in the future.

July 2016

Al Jazzera – Brussels welcomes appointment of May as British PM

Petros Fassoulas commentates on the British renegotiation with the EU and the importance of the relationship around the Single Market following the appointment of the new British PM.

The Parliament Magazine – UK would need substantial reforms to benefit economically from Brexit, says study

The Parliament Magazine draws on research conducted by the European Movement secretariat regarding the consequences of a UK exit from the European Union, which can be found here.

EurActiv – Analysts: Brexit will slow EU enlargement in the Western Balkans

Petros Fassoulas, speaking from Belgrade, Serbia, discusses the likely effects on the EU Enlargement process following the fallout from the UK referendum.

June 2016

EurActiv – Does the rest of Europe actually care about Brexit?

Even though it is clear that the effect of Brexit would be felt hardest in the UK, it is fair to say that the effects would reverberate across the Channel too, writes Petros Fassoulas, European Movement International Secretary General.

PoliticoFrance’s plan for a bloody Brexit

Tara Palmeri reports on how France may react to a negative vote in the UK referendum in order to avoid emboldeining anti_EU support elsewhere. Petros Fassoulas is among the experts voicing an opinion.

This opinion is also mentioned here.

You can see the European Movement’s full policy position on “The Consequences of a British exit from the European Union” here.

May 2016

In May, the European Movement International held its annual Federal Assembly, which gathers together the many members of the Movement for discussions on its future political direction and allows members to share updates with one another. You can find out more about the meeting here.

Among other items, this year members discussed the following policy areas:

The Consequences of a British exit from the European Union

Migration and the refugee crisis

European security in the light of the upcoming EU Global Strategy

Free Movement and Schengen

April 2016

Talk Radio Europe – Britain Decides: The EU Referendum (Click to listen)

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International, joins the Britain Decides programme to discuss why he believes the UK will be better off if it chooses to remain in the EU.

EurActivUnited we stand, divided we fall

While High Representative Federica Mogherini is preparing the EU’s ‘Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy’ , Petros Fassoulas, European Movement International Secretary General, outlines the European Movement’s security demands. In doing so, he suggests that the EU offers the best forum for cooperation on defence and security issues.

March 2016

World Commerce ReviewLaunching the fourth industrial revolution (p.12)

Eva Paunova MEP, and Vice President of the European Movement International talks about the importance of adapting to the possibilities of ‘industry 4.0’ across our education systems, economic practices and in our daily lives.

EurActiv – Seizing opportunity from crisis will help redefine our common goals

“The migration crisis has come to challenge European solidarity, the principle of free movement and the EU’s dedication to human rights” writes Petros Fassoulas.

February 2016

EurActivRegaining the enlargement momentum

Petros Fassoulas talks about the numerous challenges still ahead in negotating EU enlargement – notably in the Western Balkans and Turkey, the topic of the upcoming European Movement International Conference, Civil Society and Beyond – a Joint Dialogue on the European Path. 

The English translation of this article is here.

Further articles from our congress in Serbia are available here.

E!SharpWe need to talk about Poland

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International, argues that we cannot let our values be compromised when talking about fundamental values.

Politico – Battle on Cameron’s home front

European Movement International Secretary General Petros Fassoulas argues that the draft proposals on reformed EU membership put forward by Donald Tusk provide a solid basis for Prime Minister Cameron to secure a final deal that can be presented as a victory for the UK.

January 2016

EurActiv – The Digital Single Market is an opportunity to empower citizens

Eva Paunova MEP, and Vice President of the European Movement International, speaks to EurActiv on what she expects to be delivered by the Digital Single Market package.

December 2015

Politico – France fears Brexit debate will boost Le Pen

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International speaks to Politico about the rise of far right movements and their increased influence in National politics in both the UK and France.

November 2015

EurActiv – Fully-fledged Economic and Monetary Union: a common European destiny 

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International, argues that if the common currency and the European Union itself are to survive, radical changes in the Eurozone’s governance structure are needed.

October 2015

The New European – To TTIP or Not to TTIP?

European Movement International Board Member, Olivier Hinnekens, argues that citizens need to be involved in the decision making process in TTIP.

Politico – Commission looks to sideline Parliament on UK reforms

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International, warns against Commission plans to speed up the UK referendum process.

Debating Europe – VIDEO DEBATE: Debating the State of Europe

At the opening of the Friends of Europe annual ‘State of Europe‘ high-level roundtable, our local member Joke Minnen asked a panel of experts to share their views on lehal ways for refugees to enter Europe.

Politico –  The In crowd to Commission: Back off!

Petros Fassoulas shares his views on the role of the European Commission in the UK referendum campaign, which recently got under way.

EurActiv – Leinen: Parliament mulls ‘first steps’ to reform EU elections before 2019

Our President, Jo Leinen, speaks about reform of EU electoral law, including the need to create European transnational lists.

PoliticoHoping to put the ‘In’ back in Britain

Petros Fassoulas speaks with Tara Palmeri about the need to mobilise pro-Europeans in the UK.

September 2015

EurActivSchulz seeks Parliament role in Greek bailout evaluation

Following reports that Martin Schulz is exploring ways to include the European Parliament in assessing the Greek bailout, our President, Jo Leinen and our Secretary General, petros Fassoulas share their thoughts.

Al JazeeraA second chance for Alexis Tsipras

Following Sunday’s vote, Alexis Tsipras has returned to office as Greek prime minister. Our Secretary General, Petros Fassoulas, appeared on a panel to discuss what this means.

NewstalkHungary seals off border with Serbia to stop flow of refugees

With the refugee crisis taking centre stage in European debate, our Secretary General, Petros Fassoulas, argues in favour of a holistic solution.

World Commerce Review An opportunity to meet future challenges (P.18)

Three key summits taking place this year will together help determine a blueprint to tackle climate change, create a framework for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and deliver on development financing.

August 2015

LBC radioShould we accept a migrant quota from Calais?

Our Secretary General, Petros Fassoulas discussed the migrant situation in Europe and what it means in the UK.

July 2015

EurActiv – In search of a vision for Europe

Following the Greek referendum our new Secretary General, Petros Fassoulas, outlines his thoughts on what is now needed from European leaders to deliver a clear vision for Europe.

March 2015

EurActiv – The case for common rules for EU democracy

The initiative of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs to reform the outdated European electoral law is a positive move. A reform of the European electoral system and the rules governing the European parties is necessary to strengthen the link between the European parties and the European public, writes Bernd Hüttemann, Vice President, European Movement International.

February 2015

EurActiv – TTIP transparency means proactive communication with citizens and stakeholders

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) offers the prospect of economic growth and job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, but should not be agreed to without transparent and proactive engagement of all stakeholders, writes Diogo Pinto.

January 2015

EurActiv 2015: A window of opportunity for the EU

The 2015 European Year for Development creates an opportunity for the European Union to act as a united force, contributing to the global development agenda, writes Diogo Pinto.