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  • 27th February 2019 - 17:37 UTC

ALLiance for Democracy

What is the ALLiance for Democracy (ALL)?

The ALLiance for Democracy (ALL) is a pro-European alliance, created to campaign in support of European cooperation and democracy. The ALLiance was launched in Brussels in June 2017, during an event which discussed ‘Is Our democracy in crisis?’ where Commissioner Vestager spoke about ‘A healthy democracy in a social media age’.

ALL was initiated by the European Movement International, working in partnership with employer organisations, NGO’s, trade unions, companies, local authorities, universities, grassroots initiatives, across party lines and interests, to promote pro-European and pro-democratic unity and cooperation in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in 2019.

ALL works across Europe to engage Europeans in pro-European democratic dialogue.


Who are the organisations behind ALL?

  • AER – Assembly of European Regions
  • CEEP – European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services
  • CEMR – The Council of European Municipalities and Regions
  • EEB – The European Environmental Bureau
  • EMI – European Movement International
  • ETUC – European Trade Union Confederation
  • European Youth Forum
  • Transparency International EU
  • European University Association 
  • European Movement International

The founding partners bring together different sides of European society. Despite differences in our opinion on specific policy issues, we have joined forced to focus on what we share; a belief in the importance of European democracy.


How does ALL work?

ALL is a diverse and inclusive campaign in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in 2019.

We coordinate and promote events, democracy festivals and activities across Europe to strengthen European cooperation, secure democracy and promote pro-European and democratic dialogue about our shared values.

ALL works with partners from across Europe to establish channels for Europeans to directly engage with national and European policy makers in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in 2019.

The aim of this campaign is to improve the nature of European democracy and to increase voter turnout at the 2019 European Parliament elections by fostering debate on the issues that matter to citizens.


Why should I support ALL?

Democracy and cooperation cannot be taken for granted at a time when fundamental European values are questioned.

Europe is split between different visions for our common future, so we all need to engage in democratic dialogue about the future of European cooperation.

If you believe in European cooperation and democracy within the framework of the European Union, you have a reason to support our campaign and our activities across Europe!


What can I do to support ALL?

There are many ways to be part of and support ALL.

If you are an NGO, employer organisation, trade union, university or business you can become an official partner of ALL and be part of our work on promoting a democratic dialogue on the future of Europe.

If you want to engage as an individual citizen, keep an eye on our activities by visiting and signing up as a supporter www.democracyalive.eu


Find out more about the Alliance for Democracy

For details on the launch of ALL see here.

Read the press release about the launch of ALL here.

Find the full speech of Margrethe Vestager on ‘A healthy democracy in a social media age’ here.

See what happened at the ’48 Hours for Democracy’ here.


About the European Movement International 

The European Movement is the largest pan-European network of pro-European organisations. It is present in 39 countries and encompasses 36 International Associations, bringing together European civil society at large, be it employer organisations, business, trade unions, NGOs, political parties, local authorities and academia.

Founded nearly 70 years ago, we have continuously advocated in favour of European co-operation and integration, based on the principles of peace, democracy, liberty, solidarity, equality, justice, the respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Today, the European Movement seeks to provide a platform to encourage and facilitate the active participation of citizens and stakeholders from a cross-section of society in the development of European solutions to our common challenges. We offer thought leadership on the issues that confront Europe; we seek to inform the debates on our Union’s future, involve citizens and stakeholders in the decisions that affect them and influence policy-makers in favour of an open, inclusive, transparent and united Europe.


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