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Maja Bobić Head of Projects & Fundraising

Ms. Maja Bobić is an anthropologist with an MA in Southeast European Studies conferred at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. She is the Head of Projects and Fundraising at the European Movement International, with experience as an independent consultant providing analytical, policy and management services in the areas of EU integration, WB Enlargement, Civil society, Social Policy and Innovation to a number of international and local CSOs as well as public and European institutions. Maja was employed in the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) since 2003, where in 2007 she was elected Secretary General in charge of the overall planning, fundraising and management of EMinS, as well as representation to partners, associates, media and beneficiaries; maintaining this position for a decade. Maja possesses 20 years of complex project management experience and research experience that covers Serbia and Western Balkan region, EU integration and democratization, as well as social entrepreneurship. Maja was Vice-President of the EMinS (2017 – 2020) and member of the International European Movement Executive Board (2014-2020), She is in the Main Board of Trade Union “Nezavisnost” since 2017. Maja was regional co-chair of the German Marshal Fund’s MMF program, and inter alia FES’ and Freedom House Fellow, Alumna of US international leadership programme, UK FCO Leadership pogramme and German MFA’s visiting programme.

Maja Bobić