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EM Germany: To Defend the Freedom of Movement

On October 15th 1968, Regulation (EEC) No 1612/68 on the freedom of movement for workers within the Community was adopted by the Council. It gave birth to the free movement of workers and influences the professional lives of many Europeans throughout the Union to this day. Occupational mobility and the freedom to choose a place of work to signify some of Europe’s core principles.

Vice president of the European Movement Germany, Michael Gahler MEP, recollects the 50-year-old principle and stresses its importance for the European Union: “The freedom of movement for workers in the European Union, established 50 years ago, offers opportunities for all employees to improve on their professional prospects.”

The European Movement Germany (EBD) demands: “Social and economic convergence strengthens competitiveness and innovative capacity | National self-interests must be left behind in order to undertake joint steps towards the further development of a fiscal, banking, economic and monetary union on the basis of the social market economy. To promote growth and to generate jobs, particularly for young people, wise investments are required in education, research and social infrastructure, as well as the necessary structural reforms across the whole European Union.” Additionally, the EBD commits to the abolition of borders within Europe and the free movement of people without border controls.

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