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  • 8th December 2020 - 11:57 UTC
EU Enlargement

Statement | Starting the accession negotiations with North Macedonia

The European Movement International hopes that all obstacles in the way of the beginning of the accession negotiations with North Macedonia can be successfully lifted and calls on the current Trio-Presidency of the Council of the EU to moderate the process.

The country embarked with serious determination towards European integration and it has delivered tangible reforms, not least through the agreement with Greece on a name issue. It is concluded on numerous occasions that the conditions for opening accession negotiations as expressed in the new enlargement strategy of the EU are met.

A timely decision to open accession negotiations, thereby overcoming some bilateral differences, would mean strategically positioning the EU as the main political and economic partner in the Western Balkans. Furthermore, it would represent an investment in the EU’s own prosperity, security and future generations as well as an encouragement to the commitment of the people and authorities of North Macedonia to build out a common European future as part of the European Union on the basis of a merit-based process.

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